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pru 29 rooms event consultant


Below are case studies from previous work with various clients and employers. 

29 Rooms Phaon Spurlock


Experiential, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing


Experiential, Co-Branding/Partnership, Strategy

SXSW Experiential Marketing Consultant
Experiential Event Marketing Consultant



Prototype MKTG

Experiential, Event Production

Bevel Phaon Spurlock Experiential Marketing
Digital Advertising Consultant Phaon Spurlock

Prototype MKTG/MKTG Hackers

Digital Marketing, Social Media Ads, Consulting

Prototype MKTG/MKTG Hackers

Social Media Ads, Consulting

Image by Alireza Attari
Phaon Spurlock Marketing Consultant

Prototype MKTG/MKTG Hackers

Branding, Website Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing Strategy, Partnerships + Event Production

Prototype MKTG/MKTG Hackers

Website Design

Phaon Spurlock Web Designer
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