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Experiential Marketing Consultant SXSW

80-Year Old Millennial Launch @ SXSW

The 80-Year Old Millennial experience is a moment of discovery for how you feel about what the future might hold. Whether you embrace change by diving in head-first, take a back-seat and ponder the impact of change or you wait until everyone else has tried something first before you adopt anything new, we can all benefit from knowing more about what the future might hold and how it will affect our lives. 

The Ask

Create an experience to launch the 80-Year Old Millennial (80YOM) online platform to drive traffic to the 80YOM aptitude experience, drive engagement with content and drum up media attention.


  • Partnership development and integration

  • Develop experiential marketing strategy

  • Project management

  • Produce the activation

  • Manage brand ambassadors


By tapping to an existing partnership with Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only community for entrepreneurs under the age of 45, I was able to enhance the partnership to be integrated into their YEC Founder’s Lounge event during SXSW. This enhanced partnership resulted in a co-hosted multi-event campaign at a prominent venue in Downtown Austin. 

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