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The Monday Marketing Mixer Club

You don't have to do it alone...

Are you feeling restricted in your lead generation and sales growth, yearning for guidance and a sense of responsibility?

Do you require assistance in determining the most effective channels, tools, and strategies that genuinely contribute to revenue generation?

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Sounds Familiar?

If that resonates with you, then perhaps a marketing-oriented group coaching program, consisting of a carefully selected cohort of ambitious founders aiming to scale and expand, is precisely the solution you need to propel your business to new heights.

Having a business can be super rewarding, but it can also bring it's own unique challenges. This is where The Monday Marketing Mixer Club steps in! 

If you are looking for a dynamic and collaborative program that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and exchange invaluable insights while learning tactics for achieving marketing success, then The Monday Marketing Mixer Club may be the perfect fit for you!

The Monday Marketing Mixer Club

This bi-weekly group mastermind call is designed exclusively for entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their business through effective marketing strategies. 

During sessions, participants engage in interactive discussions, case studies, and real-life examples to gain practical knowledge and inspiration.


The sessions are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs in various industries, offering targeted marketing strategies that generate tangible results. 

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The Program

No matter your location, our program is completely virtual.

I will provide continuous support throughout your journey.

As a group, we will collaborate closely for 90 minutes every other week, spanning a total of 4 months.

  • 3-Month Marketing Plan and Revenue Goals - You will delve into the core of your business to discover the underlying WHY, establish well-defined and attainable revenue objectives, assess your existing marketing strategies, and systematically divide your goals into quarterly milestones accompanied by a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Determine you “It Factor”

  • Goal Setting Deliverables - We will deconstruct your overarching goal into manageable tasks and establish specific deliverables for you to follow during the program. These deliverables will be accompanied by carefully selected educational resources and personalized accountability to ensure your progress.

  • Bi-Weekly Calls - Throughout the four-month program, you will engage with the cohort and mentors in bi-weekly meetings. The curriculum is tailored to address the specific requirements and challenges of the founders in the cohort, including dedicated "hot seats" where individual needs are addressed. We offer comprehensive education, coaching, and unwavering accountability to support each founder's unique journey.

  • 1 Private Strategy Session

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What To Expect


Expand your marketing knowledge

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest marketing trends, tools, and techniques, empowering entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Discover innovative approaches

Uncover groundbreaking marketing strategies that drive customer engagement, enhance brand visibility, and maximize ROI, helping entrepreneurs reach new heights of success.


Access a supportive network

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who share a passion for excellence. Collaborate, brainstorm, and receive valuable feedback from a community of motivated individuals dedicated to mutual growth.


Overcome marketing hurdles

Overcome common marketing challenges with the guidance and expertise of an experienced coach. Get insights and actionable advice tailored to your unique business needs.


Foster accountability and momentum

Stay motivated and accountable for implementing new marketing strategies. The club acts as a supportive community, ensuring entrepreneurs stay on track and achieve measurable progress.a social media platform optimized for swift interactions.



By joining the club, you'll have support from me and others in the group through the online community.

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Marketing is personalized! It's not a one size fits all approach.

What You Get

Hi! My Name is Phaon K. Spurlock.

Entrepreneur. Marketer. Speaker. Writer. Philanthropist. Ex-Googler. MBA Graduate and Adjunct Professor at New York University and The New School.

With over 16 years of marketing experience and multiple successful brands, I help businesses develop effective strategies and tactics to attract and retain customers, ultimately driving revenue growth and enhancing brand reputation.

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Jan Soolman, Owner of Clutch Towels

As a smaller operation I did not have a big budget, but I was able to work with them and get big results. My campaign generated strong ROI and drove sales and visits to my site. Working with Phaon was great. He was always responsive, knowledgeable and professional, keeping me on task and on budget. My business is in a much better place now, and I would highly recommend!


Remy Artega, Executive Director
CUNY Startups

Thank you so much for giving your time and expertise!!

I learned so much from your workshop, and I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in the space, but you are clearly an expert!! The information you shared with our founders was on point and outstanding. Digital Marketing is a critical aspect of any business and you made it understandable and actionable.


Richard S., Founder of NYC Autism Community Group

The return on investment was off the charts; cost per click, click through rates were well above what you could even dream about. We added almost 1000 ticket sales in less than a month! Unheard of! Plus Phaon Spurlock was a force and so supportive!

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Join the Club!

Apply Today

Whether you're a startup founder, small business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur, this bi-weekly call is your opportunity to join a supportive community, gain necessary knowledge, and inspiration to unlock your marketing potential to transform your business into a thriving success story.

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The Investment


Paid in Full


For paying in full, you will get a bonus 1-hour private intensive working session (valued at $250)


4-Month Payment Plan


Payments are split into 4 payments for the duration of the program.

Kyle Jarvis

"Being part of 'The Monday Marketing Mixer Club' has been super cool for my small business! Mr. Spurlock really knows his stuff, and the sessions are like a fun hangout where you learn a ton about marketing. It's not boring at all – we talk about real stuff and get ideas that actually work. If you're into making your business better, this club is where it's at!"

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions I am asked when customers are considering starting out.

Is This Program For Me?

This program caters to entrepreneurs, small business owners and founders who have an established business or a well-defined product/service with some level of traction. Traction can manifest in various forms such as early customers, a functional prototype, revenue and sales, or partnerships, among others. If you are a driven founder who is prepared to embrace the accountability and structure offered by a mastermind, then this program is specifically designed to meet your needs!

Is My Business A Good Fit?

 I work with both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) companies.

How Many People Will Be In My Cohort?

I like to keep the classes small to make sure that it can be personalized, so we stick to 15 people per cohort.

What Is The Refund Policy?

After your application has been submitted and accepted, and you have made the payment for tuition or enrolled in the payment plan, we regret to inform you that no refunds will be provided under any circumstances. We acknowledge that exceptional circumstances may arise, and we will assess such cases on an individual basis. If you are uncertain about the suitability of this program for you, we encourage you to explore alternative programs.

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