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Experiential Marketing Consultant Case Study

Crack the Code to Financial Wellness Room @ 29 Rooms (Refinery 29)

29 Rooms is an array of one-of-a-kind experiences under one roof. It’s a space for interaction and exploration: a place to dance, paint, think, make new friends, it’s a tasting menu of contemporary culture built by voices in art, style, activism, and technology…it’s a visually stunning stage for creative expressionists, an invitation to dream bigger. 29Rooms is filled with stimulating art installations and activities that encourage you to explore new ideas and step outside your comfort zone. 

The Ask

Bring Financial Wellness to life to reach millennials


  • Partnership and project management

  • Developed experiential marketing strategy with Refinery 29 and IMG Live

  • Managed social media messaging and distribution via the influencers

  • Assisted in creating the themes and selecting games for the Crack the Code to Financial Wellness room. 

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