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Marketing and Business Coaching

Together, we'll develop an effective marketing strategy and improve your overall entrepreneurial skills. With my support, you can attract customers, enhance operations, and achieve sustainable success. Let's collaborate and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. I offer several coaching options for entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking to grow their businesses. Which one is right for you?

Phaon Spurlock Marketing Consultant
Image by Chris Montgomery

The Monday Marketing Mixer


Join me for The Monday Marketing Mixer Club, a bi-weekly group coaching call designed exclusively for entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their business through effective marketing strategies. 

Led by me, this dynamic and collaborative group coaching club provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and exchange invaluable insights and tactics for achieving marketing success.

Gain immediate entry into our vibrant community forum and actively engage in two mastermind sessions with me each month.

Marketing Mastery Playbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Winning Strategies

The Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Workbook is a detailed 28-page resource designed to guide entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers in developing a robust and effective marketing strategy. This workbook encompasses a wide range of essential elements necessary for creating a successful marketing plan.

Raphael Richard, Associate Manager, Internship Program, T. Howard Foundation

“Loved the energy” is how one of our college students at the T. Howard Foundation described “Build Your Own Voice: Personal Branding” an engaging workshop presented and facilitated by Phaon Spurlock at our 2018 Intern Orientation. The purpose of this orientation was to prepare over 100 interns with essential skills needed to help them be successful and standout at their summer internships with media and entertainment companies. Phaon’s use of GIFS and emoji’s was appealing and relevant for our college student audience from start to finish. Another student explained that they “Loved the integration of emoji’s and applying them to our lives.” The use of “Real world examples” was “Very Informative.” All of our interns agreed that after Phaon’s presentation they now have a better understanding of the importance maintaining a digital presence. We would definitely invite Phaon back to engage with our interns about branding!"

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